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The AquisNet Team - Dedicated to the Customer and to Continuity

AquisNet is more than just a mature and capable software solution. It is a contemporary, state-of-the-art software tool, constantly evolving by means of a continuous development effort. The broad range of functions is frequently adapted to keep up with both changing regulatory requirements and practically-orientated demands from the customer base.

Your advantages are manifold, as the customer base contributes to the continuous improvements of the portfolio as a whole, thereby increasing market relevance, future performance and quality.

KISTERS’ in-house developers and experts from the AquisNet Team see to the continuous development of AquisNet. The multidisciplinary team features members with academic training and practical experience in IT, software development (database, application and web) and environmental sciences.

The AquisNet Team accompanies you through all stages, from pre-sales contacts to ongoing after-sales maintenance and development. For more than 15 years, customers from both public institutions and private companies actively using AquisNet have cherished these uniquely consistent business relations to KISTERS. The long-standing and continued market presence of AquisNet and its continuous development in close contact with the customer base has helped to build solid software that has proven its worth many times over.

The AquisNet team would be pleased to help you choose the optimal software solution for your requirements. KISTERS’ service and product portfolio covers all aspects of your project: consulting during the planning phase, sales/installation/maintenance, operation of the air quality monitoring network, training, and a full range of software products.

Edgar Wetzel<br/>Sales Manager
Edgar Wetzel
Sales Manager