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Air Quality Monitoring Software for Research Institutions and Universities

Research and education both have a huge demand for consistent management, evaluation, and visualisation of large amounts of data. In actual fact, at universities mountains of data are collected over time, which are then archived on external data media at the end of a project, thus making their future use virtually impossible. Use AquisNet to set up your Data Centre to store and manage data from permanent measurement stations in parallel with data acquired during measurement campaigns. Cross-correlation of data is possible for identical time periods. AquisNet is an RDBMS-based software solution with specific validation and evaluation functionalities for air quality monitoring and meteorological data. It can be customised to serve as a development platform for the specific requirements of an institute or a project.


The target group are large public or private research institutions. AquisNet can be used for fundamental research in atmospheric physics, air pollution control and all disciplines working with meteorological data. The stability and flexibility of AquisNet make it the perfect choice when it comes to validating and evaluating large amounts of time series data. AquisNet can also be used as a development platform for customer or project-specific developments.


The target group are academic institutions. Many a faculty sits on a wealth of data produced during student projects, dissertations and participation in national or international research projects. More often than not, these data remain difficult to use due to a lack of both consistent, centralised storage and analysis, and harmonised data formats. Specialised data management software for time series data provides all functionalities needed to evaluate the data, to import/export data and to generate data reports. As a result, both the life span and the reusability of data improve. Furthermore, the students already get accustomed to professional software during their studies.


  • User administration based on rights and roles allows for data access control, data manipulation restrictions and time-limited guest accounts
  • Even in case of a large number of internal and external users it remains easy to keep an overview of transactions: Transaction control and roll-back mechanism
  • Comprehensive mathematical and statistical calculation methods and calculation of typical air quality indicators
  • Data aggregation and reporting
  • Customised developments are possible
  • KISTERS offers favourable licensing terms for educational purposes.
Edgar Wetzel<br/>Sales Manager
Edgar Wetzel
Sales Manager

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