Air Quality and Emission Monitoring at Industrial Sites

Regulatory Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality monitoring relies on special analyser systems to continuously measure pollutant concentrations in the ambient air. Typically, this requires a network of stations in locations that are representative of different pollution source types. For instance, stations in urban street canyons or on major roads provide representative measurements regarding air pollution from road traffic. Another example are measuring stations on industrial sites. Furthermore, there are measuring stations that determine the background pollution.

The data of all measuring stations of a measurement network are centralised in a Data Centre and stored in a database. They are then available for further processing.

Air Quality and Emission Monitoring at Industrial Sites

Individual industrial sites or industrial business parks are potential sources for air pollution. If the industrial site is situated in or in the vicinity of a residential area, this leads to a potential conflict between the site operator and the residents. Constant monitoring of emissions and ambient air quality is an effective way to provide substantive evidence on the actual evolution of pollutant concentrations in case of a neighbourhood dispute. Furthermore, the data can be handed over to permitting, inspection and environmental protection agencies. Finally, in case of accidental gas leakage, it provides valuable information to internal emergency services.

Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality monitoring in this context usually involves several measurement stations inside and outside the site. The number depends on the size of the site as well as on the type of gases stored/processed/produced there and their risk potential for humans and nature. The positioning of the stations depends on the locally prevailing wind directions and the location of the potentially largest and most risky sources. To determine the plant-specific contribution, stations are positioned on the leeward side of the site (with regard to the prevailing wind direction). Stations on the windward side provide information about external input, i.e. background concentration. AquisNet is Data Centre software. The Data Centre centralises all data from the monitoring network stations. AquisNet automatically applies plausibility checks to the incoming data. Software tools for manual validation are made available. Aggregations are fully automated. Data reports can be generated automatically or manually on demand.

Emission Monitoring

Emission monitoring measures directly at the source, i.e. directly where gas mixtures and dust from technical processes are emitted into the atmosphere. Furthermore, it determines the components of the gas mixture and their concentration, or, in case of particles, analyses the particle size. Emissions are the starting point of every air pollution problem. AquisNet is used where emissions need to be permanently monitored, thereby creating large amounts of data in the form of continuous time series that need to be processed. Besides data validation and aggregation, continuous emission monitoring also involves the creation of internal and external emission reports. AquisNet provides the necessary resources for these tasks.


  • Separate systems for air quality and emission monitoring, or a single integrated system, depending on the requirements
  • Centralisation of all data in relational databases
  • Comprehensive functionalities for data centralisation, data validation, data aggregation and reporting
  • Extensive possibilities to automate routine tasks
  • Analyser control including test cycles and periodic calibrations
Edgar Wetzel<br/>Sales Manager
Edgar Wetzel
Sales Manager

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